1. Are the products that you sell real & authentic?

All the products that we sell are completely genuine. We do not deal with counterfeit or fake products. We sell the same name/brand fragrances that you find in all the big retail department stores except not at the retail prices. All our perfumes are sealed and 100% Original imported from Europe.

  1. Why are your products cheaper than the ones sold in malls?

As an importer, we buy directly from accredited distributors overseas. Hence, we don’t incur unnecessary overheads like those who sell similar items in the malls.

  1. How can we be sure that your items are not fake?

Fake perfumes have noticeable packaging discoloration compared to the original, may it be the box or the bottle. We only send you item/s that are completely the same as the original.

  1. What is the difference between Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne? 

The differences are simply a matter of the amount or concentration of oils in the fragrance. These oils are called “juice”. The highest concentration of “juice” is in Perfume (or Parfum), followed by Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette and lastly Eau de Cologne.

  1. What Are the Benefits of Using EDT and EDP?

EDT fragrances are popular choices for everyday use, including at the office, at home, and when running errands. The EDT is the superior option for a quick spritz before you head out the door to start the day. The scent might become less noticeable after some time has passed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a date or attending another type of event; you need to have some Eau de Parfum with you. Compared to other kinds of perfume, EDP has a more substantial effect. Their aroma lasts a long time, and it does not lose its potency during the day. Therefore, putting on some Eau de Parfum while having a few drinks is a fantastic way to pass the time and enjoy yourself.

  1. Does Eau de Parfum Vary From the Scent of Eau de Toilette?

It’s a common misconception that Eau de toilette and Eau de parfum have the same scent, but in reality, they don’t always smell the same. At the very least, the fragrances have formulas that can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of aromatic strengths. The EDP is not merely an amped-up version of the Eau de Toilette; it is an entirely original take on the original fragrance combination.

It is dependent on the particular brand. Even though the essential quality of the odour remains the same, the top, middle, and base notes of a classic perfume can be arranged in a wide variety of ways without changing the overall effect of the fragrance. When further developing a topic, it is common practice to either add additional notes or go in an entirely new direction. If you are looking for a niche scent, you may find that the same fragrance oil is available in a variety of scents; however, the concentration of each scent will be different.

Because of this, Eau de parfums and eau de toilettes are not interchangeable and should be used in their respective contexts. Even though eau de toilette is typically thinner and more refreshing, Eau de parfum is typically more concentrated and has a longer-lasting effect. The Eau de Toilette may seem more pleasant and acceptable to use during the day or in a professional situation. Still, the Eau de Parfum may be more suitable for use at night because of its greater potency. When making a final decision, you need to consider the weather conditions and the current season. In regions with high temperatures and high humidity, choosing an eau de toilette with a fresh, clean fragrance may be appropriate. In contrast, a scent with more warmth and depth may be preferred in cooler regions.

  1. When It Comes to Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, Which One Is Better?

Testing eau de toilette and parfum is something that should be done before making a purchase, and this testing can be done with a retail tester, a sample, or a trial size depending on your preference. We recommend doing this. If you do not have access to this option, the best alternative for wearing during the daytime at the office is the Eau de Toilette, while the best alternative for wearing during the evening is the Eau de Parfum. If you don’t have access to this option, the Eau de Toilette is the best option for wearing during the daytime at the office, while the Eau de Parfum is the best option for wearing during the evening.

  1. Why do some fragrances last much longer than others? 

Longevity varies for every person. There are factors that may affect the longevity of your perfumes – the moisture of your skin, acidity, temperature of where you store them, weather, humidity and season, its concentration and where you spray them. People with dry skin usually find the fragrance holding time shorter than those with oily skin, since oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance. Acidity of the skin (PH levels) also varies from person to person. Individual PH levels also affect the longevity of the perfumes.

In That Case, How Long Is the Shelf Life of Each Perfume?

When compared to EDP, the shelf life of eau de toilette is significantly shorter. The average duration of effect of an eau de toilette is between three and five hours, whereas the average duration of effect of an Eau de parfum is at least five and a half hours. Since Eau de toilette can be stored indefinitely, its shelf life is five years longer than that of EDP. However, Eau de parfum has only a one-year shelf life. It is possible for you to lengthen the amount of time that your products can be kept on the shelf if you store them in a location that is both cool and dark.

  1. Is EDP or EDT Better? When Should I Use Each?

Because eau de toilette has a fragrance that is not as dominant as other fragrances, it is suggested that it be used more frequently during the months in which the weather is warm. Evening hours and cooler temperatures bring out the full potential of Eau de parfums. This is due to the fact that EDPs possess potent aromas as well as a high concentration of ingredients that are actually effective.

  1. How to Make a Scent Last Longer?

Before we get started, it is important to keep in mind that even a very meagre amount can go a really long way. You should only put a very small amount on your skin in the morning, and you should keep the rest of the product on you at all times. If the scent has diminished to the point where it is no longer detectable, you are free to apply more of it whenever you like. After the fragrance has been sprayed on the skin, a primer made of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or moisturiser can be applied to increase the amount of time the fragrance will remain effective.

Using Perfume Better: What Should Be Done?

There is no single way in which to apply perfume, as there are a variety of ways of doing it. In particular, look for spots on your wrists, neck, chest, the back of the knees, behind your ears, and in the inner elbows. You can also use it as a hair spray without risk (but only if you have just washed your hair before using it.)

When applying the perfume, it is essential to either swipe it on, spray it on, or dab it on in order to get the best results. Do not rub your wrists together, as this will cause the oils to become diluted and the fragrance’s effect to be lessened. Instead, keep your hands apart when you want to smell the fragrance. It is best to avoid spraying it directly onto your clothing or jewelery, as well as the “walking through” technique because doing either of these things could result in the user wasting more of the product than they actually require.

  1. What do fragrance notes refer to?

Fragrances are comprised of many different scents, these scents are called “notes.”
Top notes are very light and last just a few minutes (5-10 minutes). Middle notes become apparent in about 15 minutes after application. These can last up to an hour or more. Bottom notes are the heavier ingredients. These last the longest, usually for several hours.

  1. How can I keep my fragrance from going bad or how to store perfumes?

The best way to preserve your perfume is to store them in a cool, dry and dark place away from windows as sunlight can unbalance the ingredients in a perfume. Avoid leaving it in your refrigerator, car and anywhere that it can be overexposed to cold or heat. An opened bottle should be kept in its box to ensure a longer shelf life.

 1. Do Yankee Candles expire?

The simple answer is no, Yankee candles do not expire. However, like any other scented product, they will eventually lose their scent and become less potent over time. The average shelf life for a Yankee candle is around 3-5 years due to the fact that they are made using paraffin wax, but this can vary depending on how well the candle is cared for and stored.

2. Do Yankee Candles go off or bad?

Because Yankee Candles are not a foodstuff or made from natural ingredients such as essential oils which can expire so they do not go ‘off’ in the same way that food does. However, as we’ve established, the scent will fade over time so they can be considered ‘bad’.

You will not find that your Yankee Candle goes moldy or starts smelling funky if it goes bad, instead you will find that your candle just does not smell at all.

3. How to store your Yankee Candle to extend its shelf life?

If you do not burn your Yankee Candles frequently and want to keep them fresh and preserved for when you need them, it is important to make sure that you store them correctly.

The best way to store Yankee candles so that they do not go bad is to keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You should also make sure that the candles are not stored near any other scented products as this can cause the scent to fade quicker.

Also, it is quite important to keep the provided lids on them to prevent dust from settling on the surface of the wax which can ruin the candle. Using a lid will also keep the scent contained and from dissipating when not in use.

4. Maintaining a Yankee Candle for the best performance

There are some simple steps that you should take to keep your Yankee Candle at its best for each and every burn.

Before its first use make sure to trim the wick to around ¼ of an inch, this will help to prevent your candle from smoking. Each time you light it thereafter make sure to trim the wick again so that it is only ¼ of an inch.

When you have finished burning your candle for the session, ensure that you put the lid back on to keep the candle from losing its scent throw.

Another important tip is to make sure to burn your candle long enough for the molten wax pool to reach the sides of the container each time. Doing this will ensure that your Yankee candle melts evenly and will not suffer from tunneling. Tunneling is where you end up with a big pit in the center of the candle and a build-up of wax around the sides and this dramatically reduces the amount of burn time in your candle by up to 50%.

How long do Yankee candles burn for?

We have talked about the shelf life and if Yankee candles expire or go bad but just as important is the amount of burn time that you get from your Yankee Candle.

Burn time is the total amount of hours of time that your candle will last when it is lit. Each type of candle wax has a different amount of burn time but we know that Yankee Candles use pretty toxic Paraffin wax as their main ingredient.

Because of this, the average burn time for a Yankee Candles is as follows:

  • Small Jar: 20-30 Hours of burn time.
  • Medium Jar: 65-75 Hours of burn time.
  • Large Jar: 110-150 Hours of burn time.

(Source for Yankee Candle burn time: https://www.yankeecandle.co.uk/candle-burn-times.html )

As mentioned above though many different scenarios could affect these times such as storage and allowing the candle not to start tunneling. Even the trimming of the wick is important as a wick that is too large will cause a flame that is too big and extra heat which in turn speeds up the burning process.

How to order?

You can place your order by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button then fill in your full name, exact address and contact number.

How many days will I receive my order?
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How will I pay for my order?

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What if I’d like to place an order for gifting?

We accept gift wrapping for a very minimal amount. Please check the option for gift wrapping before checking out. Please make sure to put the correct name and address of the recipient and we will make sure your order is ready for gifting.

Do you ship internationally?

Perfyoume ships within Philippine destinations only.